Our sweet CeCe got transferred to Stillwater and back again. Please send her much love by sending her a letter, book or the good vibes!

Dear CeCe Supporter,

As was previously announced, CeCe was transferred  to MCF-Stillwater, at her own request, at the beginning of March.  She was enrolled in the Atlantis treatment program there, which operates in a separate unit from the general population.  She was glad to be at Stillwater for a number of reasons, but was quickly frustrated with the program because of issues ranging from blatant transphobia in the program to the snitching culture that is fostered within it.  We are unclear on the specifics, but she was kicked out and placed in segregation within a few weeks of being there, and received an additional 30 days onto her sentence as a disciplinary measure.  After repeated pleas from her and her advocates to remain at Stillwater and be placed in the general population there, she was instead transferred back to St. Cloud recently.  She remains in segregation.

We are still unsure where she will be placed for the remainder of her sentence, but in the meantime we are calling on folks far and wide to write to her immediately!  Send her your love and let her know she is not alone, that we are all watching out for her, and that we got her back!

Chrishaun McDonald
Minnesota Correctional Facility-St. Cloud
2305 Minnesota Boulevard S.E.
St. Cloud, MN  56304

Keep an eye on this website, or sign up for our mailing list, for the latest information.

With many thanks and lots of love,

CeCe McDonald Support Committee



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